There are various stages in forming a completely tech team. Need to be very careful when doing so as creating a not functioning team is like chair with broken leg, ( of no use 😞 ). In the process there are various stages

  1. Forming

  2. Storming

  3. Norming

  4. Performing

  5. Adjourning

What should a team size look like ?

Always have a team as per necessary and sufficient principle. Too many cooks can spoli the food, but also remember that too less cook, the the food will get cold. In short take this into consideration

| “As small as possible, as large as necessary”

What are the key requirement of a high functioning team ?

  1. Always make sure team is as thanos would say balanced
  2. Set measurable, effective goals which is clear to understand and implement.
  3. Promote open communication
  4. Promote growth and learning.
  5. Prepare for scaling
  6. Build such an environment where information sharing is natural.
  7. Recognise individual contribution to the group.
  8. Envourage takinug ownership of the task assigned.

What does a functioning team hierarchy look like ?

A company or a project at least needs following team at minimum when starting

  • Product or Project management

  • Tech

  • Web

    • Front end

    • Back end

  • Mobile

    • Front end

    • Back end

  • Data

  • QA

  • Internal tools

  • SRE / DevOps

In the beginning you do not need all of them, 1-2 person can do all of the above if needed. Technical person can cover tech, data, devops, and non-technical founder can over project management, tool and QA ( Santiy tests )

Functioning tech team for a startup

Initially stage tech team will need to wear many β€œhats” so have people who are versatile and resilient. You need people who are versatile as they need to adapt to new tech, new roles, jumping from one responsibility to another.

  1. Have a Tech lead who will be responsible for identifying the initial tech goals. tech lead should be a generalist with knowledge of all domains of tech: Project management, security, DevOps, development. This way tech lead can lead the rest of the team. Without a lead, even a group of highly competent engineers will fail.

  2. Hire Engineers - 2 for each team at start

  • T shaped ( 1 generalists ): Some one who has diverse knowledge of that field. Eg: Full stack developer: Ref: Short Fat Engineers Are Undervalued . Remember β€œA jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one?” πŸ˜‰ . People often forget the second part when they quote this.

  • I shaped ( 1 specialists ): Someone how has specific knowledge of the domain. Eg: Front end developer